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SIMON’S is the first certified, branded earplug of INDIA. What more, SIMON’S is one of the world’s most certified earplugs too.
INDIA is one of the most noise polluted cities in the world. The entire urban population is at great risk of the hazards of noise pollution.

  • NIHL[Noise Induced Hearing Loss] is almost an epidemic. Reports indicate figures upward of 20-25% of the general population who are afflicted with it.
       There are also published medical reports with much higher numbers. Example: Traffic police at 40-65% and Defense services at 20-25%.
  • People are not able to sleep the mandatory 7-8 hours. Sleeplessness is leading to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, Heart diseases, Heart attacks,    Mental illness etc.
  • Unnecessary honking is triggering road rage and street brawls and people are arriving tired and stressed out state after even Air travel.
  • People at work in factories and offices are reported with lesser output and health problems.
  • Pregnant women and new born babies are not safe anymore.
  • City students are not able to concentrate, study and score marks as much as their intellect and hard work due to noise pollution all around.
  • Number of medical reports suggest the delayed recovery of critical patients in ICU or wards.
We are part of the solution.

We offer harmless, certified, cost effective ear protection devices to all those who are affected- SIMON’S EAR PLUGS.
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Simon Daniel